Signature Spice Blends

We are excited to introduce Chef Monica’s private label of bold, sassy and flavorful Spice Blends. These are Chef’s premier personal blended spice recipes. Below you will see a brief description of each blend that is available for sell on her website and certain retail outlets as a bundle or individual bottles. Chef Monica has been using these personal blends for years. She is looking to expand across the country into national grocery stores by the end of 2021 make a broader presence online.

Sweet & Savory Curry

Sweet & Savory Curry is a must try when sautéing and frying anything! Season your food and the batter too. Start cooking it up and enjoy the aroma.

Mediterranean Rosemary

Mediterranean Rosemary should be used lightly and carries some herbaceous tones just right for when you want to impress your guests at mealtime.

Red Pepper Dill

Red Pepper Dill is exceptionally smart for using when seasoning your Ribeye Steaks and Shrimp. However you choose to cook either meat, you will leave your guests wanting more.

When using her signature blends start with the initial recommendations on the label and venture out as you are ready to spice up your culinary game Thank you for choosing Chef Monica Spice Blends:


Herbed Citrus Spice

Herbed Citrus Spice on your fresh garden salad with olive oil and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. You may also choose to season your chicken bone-in or even boneless with Kiplon and cook the chicken in your favorite manner.

Turmeric Garden

Turmeric Garden carries a very distinct taste that is earthy and bright. This blend works wonders on fresh fish and when cooking your favorite vegetables. We like to boast of its natural healing qualities.

The Espresso BBQ

The Espresso BBQ blend is AMAZING for grilling and roasting most meats. Try it on chicken thighs tossed with onions and braised in chicken broth. The Perfect Slider!

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